Jim Yeonopolus, Chancellor

On behalf of the CTC administration, faculty and staff, thank you for choosing Central Texas College. 

Just a decade ago, the first IPhone® was introduced.  It was a technological marvel at the time.  Yet if someone gave you the original device to use a scant ten years later, it would feel extremely slow and outdated today.  Such is the pace of education in the 21st century.  As the learning landscape changes, CTC must move nimbly to make you successful.  The good news is that we have.  Course offerings are constantly expanded, refreshed and updated.  They are more flexible than ever and available in a variety of delivery methods.  Academic and skills training are routinely adapted to meet the economic demands of today and tomorrow.   

With robust degree and certificate programs and energetic faculty and staff we will make your Central Texas College experience one of uppermost value and quality - whether on a ship in the Pacific Ocean, in a tent in the Middle East, at your kitchen table or in a state of the art classroom at any one of our continental campus locations.

Thank you for entrusting CTC with your education. 

Jim Yeonopolus