Central Texas College (CTC) held a ceremony today for seven soldiers completing the first-ever CTC-Fort Hood Military Articulation Paramedic program. Initiated last year, the program enables military and Department of Defense first responders to earn paramedic certification in less time required than the traditional program. College credit is awarded to 68W soldiers for their experience, knowledge and military trauma courses thus allowing them to articulate from their current emergency medical technician (EMT) certification as a 68W to a paramedic in two semesters, plus internship, instead of the traditional four semesters.

Seven soldiers completed the inaugural course. They are William Calvert, Ramon Juarez, Jewel Lewis, Christopher McNamara, Jacob Moe, Jacob Mulalley and Jose Munoz. Honors graduates were Calvert, class valedictorian; and Lewis, class salutatorian.

Special guest speaker for the ceremony was U.S. Representative John Carter. “Each one of you should be proud of the ground you are plowing right now because it will bear great fruit in the future,” said Carter as he addressed the graduates. Carter also noted, “CTC should be congratulated for the quality of teaching they provided. This program gives the soldiers the opportunity to expand their knowledge and be more effective soldiers.”

While the initial class of soldiers completed the program, a second group of 25 soldiers began the cohort program in June. The class meets once a week at the CTC Nursing and Allied Health facility from 0830 – 1730. During the nine-and-a-half-month program, students receive a combination of lecture and hands-on training in all aspects of emergency medical technology such as tracheal intubation, intravenous therapy and other life-sustaining procedures. The second cohort class will graduate in April 2019.

Prior to entry in the program, the soldiers must take a Trauma Exit Competency exam prior to the awarding of credit. “Once students pass the competency exam, they will receive nine credit hours,” said Tammy Samarripa, director of CTC’s Emergency Medical Technology program. “Those nine hours will allow the student to enter the EMT program in a cardiac semester as opposed to a trauma semester like traditional students. This essentially ‘cleps’ them out of a portion of the program they already have achieved through military training and experience.” The Trauma Exit Competency exam can be taken at either the Military Simulation Training Center on Fort Hood or at the CTC Department of Nursing and Allied Health (Bldg. 155).

The CTC-Fort Hood paramedic articulation program provides entry for a military/DOD first responder cohort of up to 25 students every year. Tuition Assistance has been approved by the Fort Hood Education Services Division for these students to attend the program.

The third cohort is scheduled to start in June 2019. Soldiers wishing to sign up for the program must first complete an admissions checklist. Information on all eligibility requirements, admissions, prerequisites and tuition assistance is available at the Fort Hood Education Services Division located in the Soldier Development Center, Bldg. 33009, room G201 or by calling CTC at 254-526-1265.